Mechanical Garden after Tytus Czy┼╝ewski
[v. 3]

(orig. "Ogród Mechaniczny według Tytusa Czyżewskiego") by Paweł Janicki, 2011-2019

Make sure your device is equipped with a camera that your web browser can access (you can also use a mouse or touchscreen, but video camera + motion tracking is definitely better option). Turn on the sound if it is off. Due to the use of the camera, lighting is important in the place where the computer is located.

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Mechanical Garden... and the Mechanical Garden after Tytus Czy┼╝ewski.

Tytus Czy┼╝ewski (28 December 1880 ÔÇô May 1945) was a Polish painter, art theoretician, Futurist poet, playwright, member of the Polish Formists, and Colorist. His work "Mechanical Garden" (orig. "Ogr├│d Mechaniczny") from 1920 is a great example of "concrete poetry" (or "visual poetry") that is "written" simultaneously with words and images. Typographic elements (here frames, braces and text layout) gain their own meaning, "they say" in the poem as clearly as words.

"Mechanical Garden after Tytus Czy┼╝ewski" is an interactive artwork based on the original concept by Czy┼╝ewski, re-created in a contemporary medium (software). The work touch issues of conditional arts, synthetic nature and the relation of art, nature and technology in general.

"Mechanical Garden after Tytus Czy┼╝ewski" is a part of the Tetoki! project by Pawe┼é Janicki premiere presented during the Signals exhibition at the WRO Art Center. Tetoki! is a collection of interactive installations that serve as reproductions of or variations on the existing media works and important techniques used (or created) by artists working with electronic media. It is also a reference to works and ways of working of the historical ÔÇťanalogÔÇŁ and contemporary artists who anticipated concepts and strategies relevant to media and technology-oriented arts.

"Mechanical Garden after Tytus Czyżewski" by Paweł Janicki exists also as an early (2011) version created in form of the stand-alone software commisioned by the Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts (Lublin/Poland).

The original "Mechanical Garden" by Tytus Czy┼╝ewski: https://bit.ly/2B10Dmf.

Tytus Czy┼╝ewski @ Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tytus_Czy┼╝ewski.

Source code

The work was created using p5js - a JavaScript library using (in the context of a web browser) the ideas developed on the basis of the Processing environment. In addition to purely technical issues, the values of the p5js development community align with the idea of Tetoki!

The movement detection mechanism used in the work is built on the basis of the Vida library.

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