TeToKi! [Technology to the Kids!], 2018-2019

TeToKi! by Paweł Janicki is a collection of interactive sketches referring to existing artworks, scientific and artistic concepts, cultural phenomena - suitable for description in the "conditional arts" category. This means that they refer to thinking in terms of decisions and conditions, a synthetic description of nature, searching for a specific sub-code that is present below the sensual manifestation.

Individual miniatures have been created and evolved over several years, both as part of the author's personal practice and as a tool used during conducting workshops and classes on interactive and conditional techniques in arts.

The premiere presentation of the work in an exhibition form - in the version implemented in cooperation with Magdalena Kreis - took place during the Signals exhibition at the WRO Art Center.


Some works from the original set of installations included in Tetoki! is available online in the form of software (p5js sketches) compatible with modern web browsers (also on mobile devices). These projects can be used in various educational activities (eg learning programming in the context of digital and contemporary art) - in particular in the methodology based on reverse engineering, especially that these works are published with the source code with comments. It is quite easy to use them to create a mini-exhibition of interactive works: you only need to have computers and USB cameras (or with built-in cameras, like laptops) or mobile devices with access to the Internet.

A tribute to Flora Stacey: universal ASCII art self-portrait.

"A tribute to Flora Stacey: universal ASCII art self-portrait." is a simple, interactive artwork based on the ASCII art technique in it's animated (however not in the way ANSI art is animated) form. It is also a game with the very idea of self-portrait, text, poetry, visuality, and various ways of looking and observing present in the history of art.

Mechanical Garden after Tytus Czyżewski

"Mechanical Garden after Tytus Czyżewski" is an interactive artwork based on the original concept by Czyżewski, re-created in a contemporary medium (software). The work touch issues of conditional arts, synthetic nature and the relation of art, nature and technology in general.

Tips and Tricks (and some useful informations)

While working on Tetoki! it turned out that a large part of the code written for the needs of individual projects can be used in a broader context. These parts of the code were thus transferred to separate libraries (for the p5js environment) and made available with separate documentation and examples.

These libraries can be used to both reproduce and process Tetoki!'s individual projects on their own, and can be used for other purposes.

Scan Processor

Scan Processor is a sketchy image processor inspired by the Rutt/Etra Scan Processor for p5js.

The library contains a set of simple tools facilitating the generation of "Scan Processor"-like images.


ASCII Art is a simple ASCII art generator for p5js.

The library contains a set of simple tools facilitating the generation of ASCII art.


Vida is a simple library that adds camera (or video) based motion detection and blob tracking functionality to p5js.

The library allows motion detection based on a static or progressive background; defining rectangular zones in the monitored image, inside which the occurrence of motion triggers the reaction of the program; detection of moving objects ("blobs") with unique index, position, mass, rectangle, approximated polygon.

Creative Commons License
Tetoki! by Paweł Janicki is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License..

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